Sampler Custom Pack

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Please note the above price is only a commitment deposit.
The full amount will be required to be paid upon delivery.

Please see below for your cut selections and details to choose from


Just want to give us a try! Pick and choose to suit your budget!
All prices indicated are per lbs
Select from the individual cuts listed below!

  • Steaks ¾” thick, 1 or 2 per pack include Ribeye $22, T-Bone $20, Sirloin $15, Tenderloin $25
  • Roasts 2 to 4 lbs include Cross Rib, Sirloin Tip, Inside Round, Eye of Round $10
  • Stew meat 1 lbs $10
  • Ground beef lean 1 to 1.5 lbs $7
  • Brisket, Maui ribs, long ribs, short ribs, back ribs $10
  • Heart, liver, tongue, oxtail $8
  • Soup bones regular or marrow $5

If you select this pack, we will contact you to obtain your personalized cuts.